Local Area


The local communities boast a wide variety of shops that can fulfil the needs of any service user. This ranges from local store to large super markets and shopping centres all within a close driving distance.

If the need arises then the local communities also offer a large amount of choice when it comes to eating out in a restaurant or enjoying a relaxing drink in a local pub.


We ensure our service users always have access to any activities they want so they can lead a rich and active life in the community. Some of these activities include drama classes, zumba, gymnastics, bowling, tennis, Swimming, dance classes, day centres, snooker halls, martial arts classes, bowling, libraries and pamper nights. These activites and more are available and catered to the individual service users needs.


Our staff team make it their personal goal to ensure our service users can lead active rolls in the local community if they so desire. This is accomplished through a wide variety of tasks including participating in local classes, seeking out vocational jobs aimed specifically at people with special needs and simply interacting with members of the public when outside the home. We feel this adds depth and enjoyment to peoples lives allowing them to feel a part of their community they live in.

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